Becoming whom I never thought I could be

One of the most beautiful things in life is proving -- not others -- but yourself wrong. I guess you could say I've done this before, in tiny spurts, but something feels different now. Are these the post-Hajj blessings? Perhaps. It's not in spiritual matters, so I can't know for sure. Although, that doesn't mean… Continue reading Becoming whom I never thought I could be

Running with the Cows (in my head… for now)

Tomorrow, I will be running my second official 5K of the year. I wasn't planning on doing another race until September (with Ramadan and then summer coming up). But when I saw that there is a race called "Running with the Cows" (unfortunately in Kansas City, where I do not live, but where Mr. Rafia… Continue reading Running with the Cows (in my head… for now)

My thoughts on Race in America

While the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend were - and still are - disheartening to many in this country including myself, I can't say I am all that surprised. As someone who was not born in this country, I never believed the lies that racism is a thing of the past.… Continue reading My thoughts on Race in America

A pseudo-philosopher’s thoughtsy thoughts on Difference

Why does difference bother some more than others? Is it a manifestation of their upbringing? Is it because they lacked something necessary when they were young? Some, despite their circumstances, are able to rise above it. Others live their entire lives accepting only one way - their way. How do you change how another views… Continue reading A pseudo-philosopher’s thoughtsy thoughts on Difference