30 in 10!

Usually when you see a title with a bunch of numbers like that, it's for one of those weight loss gimmicks. LOSE 30 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS! NO DIETING OR EXERCISE REQUIRED! JUST SIT ON YOUR BUTT ALL DAY AND EAT CHEETOS. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO FIND OUT HOW! You know the ones I'm… Continue reading 30 in 10!

2016, i.e. my first year of being married to a man I found on the internet

Since my track record seems to be 2 blog posts per month, this will most likely be my last blog post of the year. I wanted to make sure that I got a good "2016: Year in Review" post in before 2017 barges her way in and makes any attempt to do so a futile… Continue reading 2016, i.e. my first year of being married to a man I found on the internet

Sacrifice in the twenty-first century

Yesterday was Eid-al-Adha ("Festival of the Sacrifice"), one of two major Muslim holidays during the year. It is meant to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham - the same Abraham of the Bible!) to sacrifice his son for God's sake. Of course, it was merely his willingness that was being tested, for his son… Continue reading Sacrifice in the twenty-first century

Celebrating every step of the way

Today is my and Mr. Rafia's halfiversary - or heiferversary, as I'm calling it.   I know it's practically nothing compared to couples who have been married for decades - and believe me, I can't wait to be one of those cute old couples that take walks every day, holding hands, clearly still so in… Continue reading Celebrating every step of the way

I Hope I Bump Into Joe Biden!

Today is my 5-month wedding anniversary. I know 5 months is nothing, relatively-speaking. However, considering how long it took to get to this point - all the waiting, all the tears, all the frustration, all the ill-conceived plans of starting a Muslim-equivalent of a nunnery - if I don't take a moment to appreciate this,… Continue reading I Hope I Bump Into Joe Biden!