Stop Asking “Why”

One of my friends was right to point out that for someone who is otherwise very open about her life, I can be quite puzzling at times when I blog. Be forewarned: this is going to be another one of those posts. God, I can be so bi-polar at times, ranging from the highest of… Continue reading Stop Asking “Why”

Finding your personal truth amidst the fray

What do you do when so many things you once believed are questioned and put in doubt? Do you continue to hold on because people from your past insist that is the way to do things? Or do you embrace this new space given to you and just run with it, while keeping in the… Continue reading Finding your personal truth amidst the fray

Swept from Indy to Jersey and who knows where else

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the 3rd Annual Muslim-Jewish Women's Leadership Conference hosted by the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom this past weekend in New Jersey. Since it was my first time in the tri-state area, I had to make a short detour to New York City (my brother being in the area facilitated this).… Continue reading Swept from Indy to Jersey and who knows where else

A pseudo-philosopher’s thoughtsy thoughts on Difference

Why does difference bother some more than others? Is it a manifestation of their upbringing? Is it because they lacked something necessary when they were young? Some, despite their circumstances, are able to rise above it. Others live their entire lives accepting only one way - their way. How do you change how another views… Continue reading A pseudo-philosopher’s thoughtsy thoughts on Difference

A journey of discovery into the world of cakes

Yay, it's Eid! I can eat again ;) What I love about Islam is that it's not an otherworldly religion. We are commanded to give charitably, to be hospitable to our neighbors, to always speak with gentleness, etc. And the month of Ramadan gives us the perfect opportunity to improve upon these virtues. But we… Continue reading A journey of discovery into the world of cakes