An outsider’s view

I saw this article the other day and it filled me with such calm: During Lent, a Christian tried praying 5 times a day. While I do understand the author's concerns over the fear of blurring the lines (for e.g. can I as practicing Muslim truly practice yoga? What does it mean that my "yogi"… Continue reading An outsider’s view

Why you like what you like: Ruminations on interests and how they may have actually chosen you.

Upon the discussion of a book that a friend and I disagreed on (I liked it; she didn't), we naturally moved onto my favourite topic of discussion: Partition. Now when I say Partition, I'm usually referring to the Partition of the Indian subcontinent. Though I must say the entire enterprise of partition is a fascinating… Continue reading Why you like what you like: Ruminations on interests and how they may have actually chosen you.

The convergence of writing and reflection

After weeks of inactivity, I have this sudden urge to just start blogging again. Maybe it's because work is slow this week and I have zero motivation to work on re-writing my paper (I started though! That counts, right?). Also, in a world where living on the internet has become the norm, I feel that… Continue reading The convergence of writing and reflection

A Year in Review, Rafia-Style.

The thing about getting married on Christmas is: a) As a Muslim from North America, I finally have something to celebrate. No, my family never had a tree - and I am glad my parents held firmly to their faith. Although I ain't gonna lie, I was jealous of all those kiddies who got gifts… Continue reading A Year in Review, Rafia-Style.

On the importance of memoirs

I just finished reading Leila Ahmed's A Border Passage last night. For those of you familiar with Leila Ahmed, you're probably thinking "Oh no!" or "Right on!" For those unfamiliar, Leila Ahmed is a controversial figure within Islamic Studies scholarship. Or maybe just with Muslims. I don't know. I honestly haven't really read too much… Continue reading On the importance of memoirs