Most definitely my last post of 2018… I think ;)

Today is the last day of 2018. I don't know why I am making such a big deal. I always fall asleep before midnight anyway. But with the week that I have been having, I may actually be awake... but probably in the midst of making sense of that final paragraph, re-reading it at least… Continue reading Most definitely my last post of 2018… I think ;)

What is this? Has Rafia finally conquered her fears of public speaking? Maybe.

Yesterday, I had the pretty unique opportunity to teach approximately 500 7th/8th graders about Islam. Since participating in AMCLI in October 2017, my personal/professional goal has been to not say No to any invitation for a speaking engagement, unless it conflicted with my schedule or was on a topic completely outside my knowledge base. For as… Continue reading What is this? Has Rafia finally conquered her fears of public speaking? Maybe.

Recreating the past

It's a nice feeling you have when something you were so worried about ended up turning out just fine. But the opposite is also true. Except the resulting feeling can sometimes last forever, if you let it. When things you had put a lot of hope in ended up not going the way you wanted… Continue reading Recreating the past

How to deal when you don’t know how

When you don't have a problem raging at you, how do you deal with it? I can't say I'm really good at it - not yet anyway. I would like to think that my "fight or flight" response would kick in during truly emergency situations (it's usually more "flight" than "fight"; but hey! I'm alive… Continue reading How to deal when you don’t know how

The convergence of writing and reflection

After weeks of inactivity, I have this sudden urge to just start blogging again. Maybe it's because work is slow this week and I have zero motivation to work on re-writing my paper (I started though! That counts, right?). Also, in a world where living on the internet has become the norm, I feel that… Continue reading The convergence of writing and reflection