That Post-Hajj High

I realize the word "high" and pairing it with anything Islamic is kind of contradictory. Getting high is kind of completely antithetical to Islam. Ecstasy is no better. Maybe spiritual elevation? I don't know. It's not succinct though. And as a writer, I like my titles to be as succinct as possible. Although most of… Continue reading That Post-Hajj High

Ramadan begins today! Technically, last night… or maybe this evening?

It seems even in Indy there is no consensus. But regardless, Ramadan begins either today (technically, last night) or this evening. Mr. Rafia and I both agreed last night that it does not feel like Ramadan. Honestly, you only really feel it when you feel your mouth parched and can't reach for the water bottle… Continue reading Ramadan begins today! Technically, last night… or maybe this evening?

Visiting the Past/Waiting on the Edge

Four and a half months to the day. Almost exactly. I had assumed it was going to be a one-time thing. Once is more than plenty; but to have this happen twice in my life? I don't believe in coincidences. But I do believe we get the messages we need in forms that are best… Continue reading Visiting the Past/Waiting on the Edge