An actual recipe! But it’s not cake.

Maybe one day I will bake myself a nice chocolate cake, but it is not this day. I'm taking part in Eid Eats 2016, hosted by My Ninja Naan, Flour & Spice and Chocolate & Chillies (that's mah cousin, yo!). So I want to be sure that the recipe I'm sharing with others is one I feel… Continue reading An actual recipe! But it’s not cake.

Part I: Why I Love Cake So Much (Finally!)

This was supposed to be my first post, but I never got to it. As usual, I went off on a tangent. Be forewarned: if you can't stand tangential writing, we can't be friends. At least not on the internet. Actually, probably not in person either. Because as a friend, you are obligated to support… Continue reading Part I: Why I Love Cake So Much (Finally!)