Cows, zoomies, and cake – that’s all I need for my birfday!

Who would have thought that today - February 3rd, just days after a polar vortex hit the Midwest, with wind chills at 45 degrees below zero FAHRENHEIT - would be a perfect day to run a race? It's going to be sunny and 51 degrees. The only reason I even signed up for the race… Continue reading Cows, zoomies, and cake – that’s all I need for my birfday!

Running in December, with a cough, and in hijab

I ran outside in December! It was, I will admit, unseasonably mild today. When I checked the forecast on Friday and saw that it was going to be in the 50s today, I thought, "I hope I feel better by Sunday. Gotta try to make a December run on the trail, if I can. How… Continue reading Running in December, with a cough, and in hijab

When good habits turn into obsessions

I never thought I would be reading weather reports so intensively. Before, all I needed to know was whether it was going to rain and how cold it would be, so that I could wear the appropriate coat and shoes. But now, I'm looking for humidity, dew point, wind gusts, and I'm looking at hourly… Continue reading When good habits turn into obsessions

The wisdom of the seasons

Now that it feels like winter - although I hear it's going to be 60 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday? - my running schedule, if you can even call it that, will need to be readjusted. A part of me is afraid that this running thing of mine will soon turn into a phase. Just the… Continue reading The wisdom of the seasons